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Digital Stategy | July 25, 2019

The digital landscape is littered with masses of jargon for people to weed through. We thought we'd make it a little easier for you with this glossary of social and digital terms.  


Algorithm: A unique set of rules, learned logic and usage analytics that decides what content is delivered to users. Each social media network has its own intricate algorithms based on different user data and content preference.  

Audience: Group of people that media or campaign is aimed at. 

B2B (business 2 business): A business that sells products or services to other businesses such as a software company. 

B2C (business 2 consumer): A business that deals directly with consumers such as a retail store or non-profit organization. 

Bounce RateThe percentage of visitors to a website that leave after visiting only one page on the site. 

Call to Action: A marketing message that tries to persuade the audience to perform a specific action 

Click-through rate (CTR)Percentage of people visiting a webpage through a hypertext link from an online advertisement. 

Conversion Rate (CVR): percentage of users or viewers who see your post or ad and take a specified action. 

Cost per click (CPC): The average amount you’re paying for each click on your ad. 

CPM: Cost per thousand refers to a media advertisement reaching 1,000 members of an audience 

Crowdsourcing: Using a large audience to generate ideas or content via a social network which allows your followers to feel engaged and involved in your brand’s activity. 

Engagement: Any action a follower or customer takes with your content. (likes, views, comments, shares) 

Engagement Rate: A metric that tells you how motivating your post was for people to engage with it. (# of people who saw your post / # of people who saw your post) x 100  

Evergreen Content: Content that ages well and is good for recycling since it does not lose relevance. 

Geotargeting: Targeting to an audience based on their geographic location 

Impressions: A metric that shows how many times your post has shown up in users’ feed. A single person can count for more than one impression if they look at your post more than once.  
Influencer: An individual who has the power to affect the purchase decisions and opinions of consumers due to their authority in a subject, knowledge or relationship with the audience.  

Listicle: A list-based article. 

Lookalike Audience: An audience found using demographics similar to existing followers who may be interested in your business 

Organic: Use of free tools from social networks to promote content, interact and engage with audiences, mingle with influencers and share posts. 

Reach: A metric that tells you how many people have seen your post.

Retargeting: A tactic of advertising where you target ads to people who have interacted with your website or feed before. 

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the strategy used to influence online search results to maximize the number of visitors to a website. 

SEM: Search Engine Marketing 

Traffic: Number of users who visit a given website or web page.

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