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Measuring the Influence of “Corntroversy”

If you have any sort of social media presence you’ve probably been clued into the feud between ...

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Doing Good in 2018

A rising tide lifts all boats - John F. KennedyAt Look East, we like to encourage a culture of...

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K-State Alumni Feature: Jamie Brond

Jamie Brond, account coordinator, joined the Look East team in 2016 as an intern and was hired...

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Ag gag laws: Why barricading the barn door doesn't help agriculture

Instead, farmers should condemn abuse and build trust with consumers.

 By: Charlie Arnot

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Charlie Arnot Featured in Meatingplace

Charlie Arnot was featured in 2018 December issue of Meatingplace magazine. 

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Happy Holidays From Look East

In honor of our clients and partners, Look East chooses to support Heifer International annually...

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What the "Sea of Blue Jackets" Teaches Us About Shared Values

A reflection from Donna Moenning about the 2018 National FFA Convention

Indianapolis was a “sea...

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